Per the San Francisco Department of Health guidelines, GGFC is currently not offering group classes for adults. 

HOWEVER- Adults 18 and over are allowed to take the Fast track class or schedule individual sessions OUTSIDE.


 Additionally, if you and your partner are a "bubble" or "cohort" you may take the class together. If you are interested, please contact us at


The current San Francisco County

COVID 19 status is ORANGE

Fast Track Class for adults 18+
Individual Lessons for adults 18+ OUTSIDE ONLY!

Designed for the adult who has never fenced before or would like a refresher class before jumping into the AFL, the FAST TRACK class will teach you all the basics. This one time, one hour class focuses on the fundamentals of the sport and  will let you enter the regular monthly program with increased confidence in your newly acquired skills.

Cost: $75

Schedule: Contact GGFC to schedule your session. or  1-415-626-7910

To reserve a lesson time or contact us , please email us at 

GGFC is proud to offer private lessons with Olympic coaches.


 Once you've learned the basics in the Fast track class, you can hone your skills with individual lessons taught by one of our top-notch coaches. Lessons are 25 minutes long and can be scheduled during the day or evening. You will need your own mask, jacket and glove. 

You will need to follow GGFC's COVID19 protocols. Please see them here.

Cost: 3 lessons for $135 or 10 individual lessons for $450 or $50 for 1 lesson. 

Schedule: Contact GGFC to schedule your lesson.

or  1-415-626-7910