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In-Person Training @ GGFC

Private Lessons 

GGFC is  adding outdoor  in-person lessons and Fast Track Classes for ADULTS 18 years and older in addition to our ZOOM classes. This is in accordance with the San Francisco Department of Public Health. 


We understand that some of you or your families may not be ready to take this step yet and that's okay! GGFC will still be actively training on ZOOM. 

Of course, GGFC will be taking every precaution to stay safe while we offer in-person private lessons. You will receive a separate email re-iterating GGFC's in-person training protocols.

The coaches are so excited to be able to work individually with you. 

Please see the protocols below:

1. Prior to your lesson or fast track appointment, you must fill out the following paperwork:


2. All payments will be done PRIOR to your class and will be done electronically.

3. Please sanitize your hands before class. 

5.  You will have a temperature check done each time you arrive for your lesson. 

6. You will need to arrive dressed in clothes appropriate for your lesson. 

7. Masks must be worn at all times - even under the fencing mask.

8. There will be no handshakes before or after the lesson. Saluting is still allowed. 

9. You must bring your own FILLED water bottles. 

10. For new students taking the Fun Pack, you will need to buy your own fencing mask and glove. 

11. For new students  who want to take private lessons, you will need to buy your own fencing glove, Jacket and mask. We recommend the following companies located in San Francisco.



13. After the lesson, please pack up all your items, sanitize your hands and leave being aware of proper social distancing.  

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