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Fencing For Girls

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I Fence....

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Did you know.....
  • USA Fencer Lee Kiefer is the first ever USA Fencer to achieve be #1 woman's foil fencer in the world AND she won GOLD at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.
  • Girls who stay active have better mental health, higher self-image and confidence levels, improved teamwork and communication skills, increased graduation rates and better leadership skills.
  • Unfortunately, by the age of 14, girls drop out of sports twice as often as boys. (Women's Sport Foundation).
  • Girls who participate in sports throughout high school show gains in academics, social interaction, self-image and health. 
Start fencing and
find your superpower!
Girls Fencing Program​

6:00pm - 7pm, Tuesdays  $175 per month

Get active, get involved and learn to fence with other girls. This is a monthly program that meets every Tuesday and is taught by Coach Maureen Griffin, Coach Mike Pederson and the GGFC teen girls. No experience required.

Womens fencing team
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