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WHEN:December 5th - January 17

WHOAll GGFC Developmental Program Fencers

WHYBecause Play is fun and helps your fencing!

If you are in the Bronze, Silver, or Gold program or under the age of 14, your family will get an email explaining the program details. But just in case, here is a short overview of Powerful Play!

GGFC has collaborated with Spiderfit Kids and Powerful Playground, an online portal of fun, activity and play that gives children the foundation of fitness and physical literacy, which in turn gives children the foundation of sports movement. 

Based on the idea that kids want to play - which they do - powerful playground is a great program that kids, siblings and parents can do together to get fit, get strong, and have fun while they do it.

By joining the Powerful Playground online community, you will get access to hundreds of online videos that will help your child to get fit, get strong and have fun doing it!

How to Start!

  1. Email GGFC "I want to join Powerful Play!"

  2. Register at for the Powerful Play Program HERE!

  3. Look in your inbox for an email with details about the program

  4. Each Sunday, you will receive a list of activities to do during the week. 

  5. Your goal is to have fun doing the activities, take a funny video and email it to us!

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