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All parents want the best for their children. And this is especially true when their child starts to play sports. 

Will my child like the sport? Can he or she get hurt? Are the coaches fair? How does my child progress? and much, much more.

Fencing is a great sport for your child. It promotes physical fitness, perseverance, decision making, sportsmanship, and focus. Fencing is also a safe sport with very few injuries and excellent protective equipment. 

Fencing is also a strong sport at the NCAA / university level. There are over 60 colleges and universities that have varsity fencing programs. GGFC has sent fencers to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, U of Penn, Penn State, Notre Dame, Northwestern and more.

It teaches your child how to master a sport, master themselves and master skills such as planning, time management, goal setting and so on that are cross-over skills from sport into school and life. 

In short, fencing is a great sport for children. Please read through our parent section for more information on why your child should fence.

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