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Lesson Sign-up


Welcome to the GGFC lesson schedule page. Please use the buttons to the right to sign up for lessons with the coach of your preference. 

Once you click on the button, you will be taken to our online lesson system. First time users will have to register before they will be able to schedule lessons. Returning users should be able to simply log in and schedule their lessons. 

It is up to the fencer to maintain their lesson schedule.

Lesson Prices

1 individual lesson: $55

5 pack Individual lessons: $250

10 pack Individual lessons: $500

What about private lessons?

With thanks to Gary Copeland, Northern Colorado Fencers



Should a fencer be taking individual lessons consistently?


We at GGFC certainly think so!


An ongoing program of instruction benefits every type of fencer regardless of their self-determined label as competitive or recreational. Certainly, if a fencer has any aspirations to fence outside of the club or to continue in college, lessons are then a necessity.


No club, no matter how big it is, has the variety of fencing styles and skills that a fencer will encounter outside of their club. Only through lessons can a fencer gain the knowledge to be successful to these extramural opponents. Only lessons offer a progressive education. “Just fencing,” means the fencer only learns what the opponent does against him that he successfully escapes. There is nothing systematic in such an education.


Casual lessons teach very little also. Many fencers rely on a lesson or two before a serious event to “brush up” or “tune up” their skills. It rarely works. A fencer may know enough to do an action in controlled environment of a lesson. But only consistent training will teach a skill beyond the most superficial level.


The coaches of Golden Gate Fencing Center are current or past national coaches. We have been tasked to achieve a nation’s goals by our abilities as coaches. We are highly skilled professionals in our sport and continue our coaching education much like we want our fencers to continue theirs.


Obviously, from our background, we appreciate fencers that are willing to “swim far from shore” and undertake the challenges of which we are familiar. Successful fencing, be it at the highest national or international events or fencing within the club, is a product of an athlete’s effort to get the best experiences and training available to maximize their skills.


GGFC has the desire and ability to help fencers to achieve whatever goals they desire; to fence well in club, to transition to a successful college program, or to attempt to achieve world teams. 

En garde!

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