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Learn to fence at GGFC

Youth Intro to Fencing Class

GGFC's youth program teaches the fundamentals of fencing in a fun, safe and engaging environment. GGFC teaches foil and epee, two of the three weapons in the sport of fencing. The youth program focuses on  fencing skill development and physical literacy skills that are important to all sports. ​

The Youth introduction to fencing class teaches students the basics of fencing , an overview of the rules of the sport, how the electric scoring equipment works, the difference between foil and epee, and how to score.

Students can take this class more than once before entering the GGFC youth program.

Upcoming Group Classes

These classes are on hold until the next school year!

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Please read our Covid - 19 Equipment policy and Mask Policy

What do you need to bring?

New students should arrive with the following:

1. Tennis shoes or sport shoes. NO STREET SHOES OR SANDALS PLEASE. 

2. Sweat pants, joggers or tights.

3. Tee -shirt (short sleeved is best (NO TANK-TOPS PLEASE).

4. Re-usable water bottle filled with water.

Individual Start-up Lessons

Introduction to Fencing Lessons:

2 Lesson Pack - $90

Individual Lessons are great for those children and adults who prefer 1 on 1 interaction or are not comfortable in a class setting. 

Individual lessons can be schedule at a mutually convenient time between the Coach and the student. Lessons are approximately 20 - 25 minutes long.

We recommend at least 2 Individual lessons to get you started. 

GGFC uses an online scheduling system to schedule lessons. Please contact GGFC to arrange for private lessons: or  1-415-626-7910

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