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 GGFC development model

GGFC's development model can take your child to the Olympics or give them the skills and passion needed to enjoy the sport of fencing throughout their life. The GGFC Model is influenced by the US Olympic Committee's Athlete Development model as well as the Canadian Fencing Associations armband program. Added into the mix is the coaches experience at all levels of the sport. 

Download our information flyer here:

Intro to Fencing Class
Youth Development Program
Bronze Level: Ages 7-10
Silver Level: Ages 8-12
Gold Level: Ages 10-13

1 Yellow

2 Orange

3 Green

4 Purple

5 Red

6 Blue

Athlete progression
Skill Levels
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GGFC Training Program
Club Training
Team Training
GGFC Adult Program
Adult Fencing League I
Adult Fencing League 2
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