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FAIS Study Guides

(to be used as resources)


Class Study Guide

Practical Exam:


  1. Engarde position,

  2. Advance,

  3. Retreat

  4. Lunge

2. Bladework:

  1. Holding the grip correctly,

  2. Direct or straight attack

  3. Beat Attack

  4. Beat Disengage

  5. Feint Disengage

  6. Parry 4

  7. Parry 6

  8. Parry 8

Written Test

3. Strip Line names

4. Equipment Names 

  1. Mask

  2. Chest plate/ chest protector

  3. Jacket

  4. glove

5. How to fill in a pool Sheet

6. Definition of Right of Way / Priority

7..Parts of a foil:

  1. Tip or  point

  2. Blade

  3. Bell Guard

  4. Grip or Handle

8. The words used to referee a fencing bout

  1. Engarde

  2. Prêt

  3. Allez

Also called the 2 meter line

Not used anymore

Instructional Videos 
Fun Fencing Videos

Below are a series of Youtube videos done by Coach Mike going over the basics of fencing. The first link will play all 8 videos in a row. the links below that are individual links to each of the videos that are most important. 

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