Instructional Videos 
Instructional Videos 

Exam Study Guide

Below are a series of Youtube videos done by Coach Mike going over the basics of fencing. The first link will play all 8 videos in a row. the links below that are individual links to each of the videos that are most important. 

FAIS Study Guides

(to be used as resources)

Written Exam

1. Parts of the Foil

2. Target area of Foil Fencing

3. Strip Line names and DIMENSIONS

4. Equipment Names (used in class)

5. How to fill in a pool Sheet

6. Definition of Right of Way / Priority

7. The words used to referee a fencing bout

8. Fencing protocol: i.e. what you must do before the bout starts (salute the opponent and the referee) and after the bout is finished (Salute the opponent and the referee and shake the hand of the opponent and the referee)

Practical Exam:

You should be able to show the following skills:

Engarde position, Advance, Retreat, Extend, Lunge,  and Recover.

Parry 4 with direct riposte

Parry 6 with direct riposte

Parry 8 with direct riposte

Parry 7 with direct riposte

Direct attack

Beat attack

Beat attack with disengage

Also called the 2 meter line

Not used anymore

Fun Fencing Videos