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 Competitive programs

GGFC Hall of Fame

Olympic Teams: 

Paul Soter ( Men's Epee Coach, Athens, 2004)

Mike Pederson (Women's Foil Coach, Beijing, 2008, Tokyo, 2021)

Doris Willette (Athlete, Beijing, 2008)


USA and Canada National Teams: 

Eric Hansen, Janel Obenchain, Maureen Griffin, David Willette, Doris Willette, Alex Simmons, Jessica Wacker, Anna Estrada, Nathaniel Sulat, Grace Neveu, Kat Holmes.


National Champions and Finalists: 

Bea Gee, Henry Mattingly, Emma Scala, Eliza Klyce, Emma Zmurk, Cameron Sullivan, Sam Koch, Jonathan Tom (US Pentathlon), Bronwyn Hall (US Pentathlon), Anna Estrada, Doris Willette, David Willette, Katie Hancock, Grace Neveu, John Neveu, Alison Glasser, Simone La Pay, Erica Korb, Jessica Wacker, Elena Liroff, Hannah Safford, Maureen Griffin, Paul Soter, Bob Cotter, John Marie St. Francis, Eric Hansen, Nick Johnson, Norah Molina, Rachel Becker, Erich Kaussen, Loren Kobashigawa, Vincent “Tiger” Lee.

Designed for the competitive fencer, GGFC’s Team Training program is the product of almost 100 years of coaching experience and knowledge. Led by former US National and Olympic Coaches Mike Pederson (Beijing 2008) and Paul Soter (Athens 2004), this program challenges each athlete to strive toward individual excellence in a positive and supportive team environment. 

Team Training fencers and coaches have represented GGFC at National Championships, NCAA competitions, NCAA championships, World Cups, and the Olympics. 


The Team Training program is designed for athletes whose goals are to fence in college and at the national or international level. If you want to achieve your personal best in fencing, then this is the program and place for you. 

Download the information flyer here:

Please contact GGFC for more information.


Beijing 2008 olympics flag
Athens 2004 olympics flag
Coach Paul Soter at the 2004 Olympics
Coach Mike Peterson at the 2008 Olympics
Olympic rings
Coach Bob Cotter posed for a still
Coach Mike Peterson posed for a still
Coach Maureen Griffin posed for a still
Coach Paul Soter posed for a still
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