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Pentathlon Fencing Clinic

Sunday, December 15th    12:00pm - 2pm

Cost: $40 per person

Past Camps

Strength and Conditioning Camp

Saturday, October 12th

12:00 GGFC Parents Seminar (open to all GGFC Parents)

1:00 Start of Camp

5:00 End of Camp


Sunday, October 13th

10:30 Start of camp

2:30 End of Camp


3:30 Coaches Seminar


Cost for two days

$100 dollars for GGFC fencers (Team level fencers get a 10% discount)

$150 dollars for Non-GGFC fencers


Cost for 1 Day:

$50 dollars for GGFC Fencers

$75 dollars for non-GGFC Fencers


Sunday Coaching Seminar: 35$ 


Open to all coaches in the Bay area. The coaching seminar will be based on topics suggested by attendees ahead of time. Possible topics will be workload management in training, physiology of fencing, activation, and cool-down, kids vs adults - how to adjust training to different physical ages, injury prevention, fencing circuits, core work, and any suggested topics. 

Frank Raymond  

  • MA in Kinesiology from The University of Montreal.

  • Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the Canadian National Women's Foil Team.

  • Strength coach at the Institut National du Sport du Quebec.

Download the flyer HERE!

Have you ever wondered what the best way to warm-up at a competition was? Or why we warm-up and cool down? Or what the big deal was about core strength, foam rolling or even why stronger is better? Or what the heck activation is and why is your coach telling you to do it? Or how to train correctly to prevent injuries? 


Athletes, parents, and coaches all have these questions and this training camp is your opportunity to have them answered as well as learn how to do many of the skills yourself in a hands-on training seminar. 


Golden Gate Fencing Center is bringing in a world-class strength and conditioning coach who is very familiar with fencing having worked with the Canadian national women’s foil team for the last 3 years and helped them achieve their best ever results.


François “Frank” Raymond will take you through proper warm-up sequences, power exercises, and landing mechanics, bodyweight strength training, injury prevention skills, core work and cool down and foam rolling techniques in a  hands-on small group format. Then you will have a chance to put what you learned into practice by fencing and focusing on physical and mental activation and reactivation- two very important skills needed for tournament success. 


Frank is a dynamic, fun, and challenging coach who will bring out the best in you while teaching you the latest and greatest techniques to bring your game to it’s highest levels.

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