Adult & club programs

Designed for the adult or teen (16+) who has never fenced before or woud like a refresher class before jumping into the AFL, the FAST TRACK class will teach you all the basics. This one time, one hour class focuses on the fundamentals of the sport and  will let you enter the regular monthly program with increased confidence in your newly acquired skills.

Cost: $75

Schedule: Contact GGFC to schedule your session. or  1-415-626-7910

Fast Track Class


Adult Fencing League 

The Adult Fencing League (AFL) is the perfect fencing program for adults and teenagers with no prior experience in the sport or those who are returning to fencing. Classes include basic strength and conditioning, technical and tactical training, and electrical bouting. 


Led by former US National Coach and Olympic coach Paul Soter, the 2 hour class  incldes warm up, conditioning, circuit training, footwork, partner drills, and group lessons.The second hour is devoted to electrical fencing with the coaches on the training floor observing fencing and providing tactical and technical advice.


For their comfort and safety, AFL members are encouraged to purchase their own equipment after the first month. GGFC coaches are happy to offer guidance in purchasing your own equipment. 

Download our information flyer here.


Cost: $145 per month

Schedule: Tuesday 7-9pm

GGFC’s Club Training level is designed for athletes who love the sport but choose to continue at a level focused on fun, socialization and local competition. 


Club Training is a gateway to lifelong participation in fencing. The US Olympic Committee American Development Model recognizes that not all athletes are interested committing to a competitive based track. Instead, many athletes want to participate in other sports, develop for personal achievement, focus on the health aspects of sport and compete for challenge and fun of it.


The Club Training level offers all that! It provides the maximum flexibility for training and offers the opportunity to train with high performance, competitive fencers.

Download our information flyer here:



Club Fencing
Step 1: Fast Track
Step 2: AFL
Step 3: Club


Cost: $255 per month

Schedule: Tuesday 7-9pm + 1 Team training session of your choice.

Cost: $400 per month


  Monday               5:30 - 8:00pm

  Tuesday              6:00 - 8:30pm

  Wednesday        5:30 - 8:00pm

  Saturday      10:30am - 1:00pm

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